The Untold Secrets To Effective Leadership [From Richard Branson]

Do you dream of becoming a successful leader?

Do you want to be someone people admire and look up to for advice?

Who better to listen to than Richard Branson, the self-made billionaire and CEO of the Virgin Group empire, that has over 200 eclectic and expansive companies including, airlines, bank, as well as, a hotel chain.

Richard Branson


​Born in 1950, he was dyslexic and struggled at school and eventually dropped out of high school at the age of 16.

He turned this shortcoming into his biggest asset, that forced him to rely on taking notes and listening carefully. 

Richard Branson never gave up on life, he set his goals early on in his life and worked hard towards achieving them.

Most important thing that he did was to learn from his mistakes.

He focused on personal growth and personal development, never shying away from learning new skills. 

This is what has made him an effective leader for hundreds of thousands of people around the world. 

Today, Richard Branson is not only recognized as an authority on entrepreneurialism but also on effective leadership.

He received the knighthood in 1999 for his contributions in entrepreneurship and ranked 330th on the Forbes 2015 List of Billionaires.

Below is a detailed list of all the leadership traits that have remained hidden from many across the world.

These are the untold secrets shared by Richard Branson himself, the most successful leader and entrepreneur of our times.

1. Pursue Your Passion

Richard Branson has always stood by his innovative ideas and passions. He has never backed down from his idea because of other people's criticism.

He admires people who follow their passions and take the risk to do something extraordinary.

But one thing that he made sure early on was that he never jumped on the project that was bound to fail.

He would always weigh the profit, loss, and risks involved before entering a project.

He learned this lesson from his father, who permitted him to drop out of school and let him start a magazine on his own, making sure he sold enough advertising to cover the entire cost of printing.

​2. Protect The Downside

​A very interesting skills that most people overlook in leaders is their ability to protect themselves from the risks involved.

Richard Branson has come up with an investing term, "protecting the downside" describing limiting of risk.

This is the technique he used to convince his potential business partners to join him and make a huge leap in the airline industry in the early 1980's. 

His partners were able to trust him to pursue his idea and he also told them to take back Virgin if the business failed to operate as planned.

​Every risk is worth taking as long as it's for a good cause, and contributes to a good life.

Richard Branson

This is how leaders encourage people to join in and benefit from the project.

3. Have Unflinching Faith In Your Business and Abilities

​To become a successful leader and entrepreneur, you need to believe in yourself and your goals.

Having faith in your business and the passion for pursuing your personal and business objectives can make all the difference.

If you are not proud of what you are doing at the moment, why would anyone else be passionate or loyal towards it?

​4. Communicate With Everyone and Across All Levels Of Your Group or Company

​Richard Branson believes in communication across all levels of employees.

Having a communication barrier between employees and CEO can do more harm than good.

CEO's should never forget this key point because the way their employees define them by the way they treat them.

​Listen. Take the Best. Leave the Rest

Richard Branson

​5. Create Your Own Brand

​Create an identity of your own is very important if you want to become an effective leader.

Richard Branson has spent many years working hard and creating an identity for his Virgin brand.

Although he is no longer actively running the businesses under the Virgin brand, his name has become synonymous with Virgin, and this is an amazing achievement.

6. Explore More Avenues and Diversify Your Business

​It is an established fact that markets expand and contract almost all the time and in today's time, it is not unusual for an industry to completely disappear.

Great leaders have the foresight and keep up with the changing trends in different industries.

They are always looking for expansion and diversification in industries that appeal to them and are profitable. 

7. Look For Opportunities Around Them

​Richard Branson is always seeking out opportunities for collaboration and business growth.

Contrary to what many believe, he doesn't have Midas Touch, where whatever he touches is bound to turn gold.

He has won deals and he has lost them too.

But he keeps a close eye on all the opportunities that are available to him and he is willing to take risk and profit from them. 

​Business Opportunites are like Buses, There's always another one coming.

Richard Branson

8. Fight For Your Dreams As Long And As Hard As You Can

​Running a business is no piece of cake. It requires a whole lot of toil, effort, luck, and money.

What is important for the leader to remember is that the adversities he faces will strengthen him and his business for lasting success.

Leaders stand up to the challenge and work even harder to achieve their goals, despite all the hurdles.

​9. Do Good For The People

​Richard Branson is a firm believer in philanthropy. He believes can be united with each other when they share similar values.

For instance, he recommends numerous charitable works as a great way to unite employees across his companies.

Virgin employees in London and New York have been organizing marathons for years and raising money for their favorite charities. 

​10. Don't Give Up

​No matter what stage you are at in your business, if it is something you are passionate about, don't ever give up.

Like all other entrepreneurs, Richard Branson has also failed multiple times, like when he tried to introduce his Virgin Cola or had to close down his Virgin Megastore.

He learned from his mistakes and did not stop himself from taking risks. He started working on Virgin Hotels immediately afterward.

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​effective rules [action plan]

Pick up one skill at a time from the list above and look at all the ways you can incorporate it in your business and everyday life.

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I have been avidly learning all I could about Personal Development in the last 20 years and my mission is to share my same path, self fulfillment and peace of mind!

Hey there, my name is Emanuele and I am the creator and editor of I have been avidly learning all I could about Personal Development in the last 20 years and my mission is to share my same path, self fulfillment and peace of mind!
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